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Isabella Cuckolds BF: Gaping Anal Date - Evil Angelmp4webm

Petite, olive-skinned Isabella Nice is furious that her dorky boyfriend refuses to fuck her asshole. After granting her permission to surf a hookup app, the cuckold drives cute Isabella to Bryan Gozzling's place for her first anal fling. Bryan gropes Isabella's body and fingers her sphincter until her pussy squirts girl cum! She heaves heavy spit as Bryan crudely fucks her face and gags herself as the dominant stud drills her bunghole. Isabella's anal experience features nasty ass-to-mouth cocksucking, rude rectal gaping and rimming. Finally, Bryan coats her adorable face in globs of cum.

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Untraditional Physical Therapy - Mile High Mediamp4webm

Lithe, blonde beauty AJ Applegate is a dancer who has a problem with her hip flexors and sexy physical therapist Cherie Deville has just the cure to ease AJ's tight, tone body, but it may not be very traditional. AJ scoffs at Cherie's hippy dippy ways, but soon Cherie sways AJ with her deft hands as the sexual heat between them becomes undeniable. Cherie works on AJ's tense hip flexors, and soon finds AJ's dripping wet pussy needs her attention too. The horny blondes kiss, caress and explores one another's hot holes, till AJ and Cherie explode in orgasm, squirting as they cum.

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Kasey Warner, Tara Ashley - Rebound Masseusemp4webm

Kasey Warner is at work arguing with her boyfriend again. When he has the nerve to claim that she's boring in bed, Kasey has had it. She's had so many opportunities to sleep with so many people but never did out of loyalty to her man. She breaks up with him and hangs up the phone. Her next client, Tara Ashley, walked in mid-conversation and unfortunately heard some of the argument. She apologizes and asks if Kasey needs more time. Kasey tells her to come in and not worry about it, she's fine. She promised her now ex-boyfriend that she could fuck the next person she sees and since Tara is smoking hot, she's going to enjoy this challenge. She asks her to get undressed as she watches her with a big smile on her face. When Tara goes to lie down, Kasey asks her to take off her panties, Tara tells her that she feels more comfortable keeping them on. She lies down and Kasey starts massaging her. When she starts applying the oil, she pours it all over her body, hitting her panties in the process. She apologizes, but the truth is she did it on purpose and before Tara has time to protest, Kasey has removed her panties. She is supposed to be massaging her back but can't keep her hands off her ass. Tara tells her she feels awkward and Kasey suggests she turn around and lie on her back. When Kasey starts rubbing her hands on her tits, Tara reacts immediately, asking if that's appropriate. But Kasey isn't giving up and when she plays with her pussy enough, Tara eases into it and starts enjoying herself.

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AJ Applegate, Cadence Lux - The Squirting Contest - Girlswaymp4webm

Cadence Lux and AJ Applegate are looking sexy as fuck sitting next to each other on their bed. When they turn the camera on, they introduce themselves and tell their viewers how they're going to win the squirting contest. Armed with two large jars, the girls are going to try and fill them up with their juices. Cadence volunteers to go first as she strips down and starts making out with AJ. She lies down as AJ starts playing with her pussy. Not a moment passes before she starts squirting all over the place. They even manage to get some cum in the jar! As AJ shoves her fingers deeper into Cadence's pussy, she starts playing with her g-spot and has her squirting in no time at all. It's Aj's turn as she takes off her dress and shoves 3 fingers deep into her pussy. It doesn't take long before she sprays her warm juices all over the bed. The girls put the jars away and get down to business. As Aj gets on all fours, Cadence puts her tongue in her ass and makes her cum almost immediately. Cadence lies down and lets AJ savor her wet pussy. She grinds her mouth as she spreads her pussy juices over her face. As she starts squirting, Aj opens her mouth making to get as much of her cum inside of her. She laps up the rest ravenously as she licks her inner thigh and pussy making sure not to leave a drop behind. By the time the girls are done with each other, there isn't a spot on the bed that's not soaking wet!

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