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Luna Star - Naughty Americamp4webm

Iâ€ÂÂm a huge fan of pornstar Luna Star and all that she does, which is why Iâ€ÂÂve paid for her time with me tonight. Iâ€ÂÂll have her in fishnets and red lingerie, just like I requested. Sheâ€ÂÂs hot enough on social media, but to now have her in the same room as me, doing everything I desire…

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Squirting Stories Volume Two: Squirt Bukkake - Girlswaymp4webm

Natalia Starr is watching girls squirt in porn videos with her good friend Zoey Monroe. Natalia thinks it's fake. Since she can't squirt and never met anyone who can, Natalia doubts it even exists. Zoey swears it's not CGI or special effects, she can squirt and she knows other girls that can squirt too. In fact, it would be fun to bring them over and show the skeptic what it looks like up close. Natalia has never been with a girl before and thinks it's a great idea. True to her word, Zoey drops by Natalia's house the next night with her two hot squirting girlfriends Luna Star and Lena Paul. Luna wastes no time with conversation before pulling out Lena's pillowy tits to suckle. The girls embrace in pairs and swap partners, while undressing, caressing and getting their pussies ready to squirt. Lena and Natalia 69, and Luna makes Zoey squirt instantly and to everyone's amazement. Luna squirts on Zoey's tongue as it's flicking her clit. Lena squirts all over Natalia. The lesbians circle their hostess and squirt on her bukkake style. Luna's pussy is like a running faucet in Natalia's mouth. Meanwhile Luna eats Lena's hairy bush. Then Natalia makes Lena and Zoey squirt at the same time. Lined up in a row, they lick each other from behind and play with each other's pussies till Natalie insists they all need to cum together. She cums on her fingers as the other girls hose her down with squirt. She's a believer!

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Tonight's Girlfriend2017-04-05

Luna Star - Naughty Americamp4webm

Hot Luna Star meets her client and has rough sex in his room.

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Tonight's Girlfriend