Aidra Fox, Lena Paul - Peer Pressure: The Celebritymp4webm

Aidra Fox hurt herself. She was biking in the mountains and somehow lost control of her bike. Fortunately for her, Lena Paul spotted her from a distance and stopped her car to help her. She's also a nurse, so when she sees the severity of her injuries, she helps Aidra by taking her home to treat her. When they arrive at the house, she takes her guest to the living room. Aidra pleads with her to take her to a hospital, but Lena tells her that that's impossible; wildfires have broken out and they're in the hot zone. When Lena tells her that it might be a couple of days, Aidra freaks out, pleading that there must be a way to get her back home... but when Lena explains that she's gonna have to tough it out, Aidra accepts her fate. The following morning, Lena brings Aidra some soup. Aidra is so happy and appreciative of how Lena's taken care of her. She tells her how much better she's feeling. Lena has something to tell her - she knows who she is. She's actually a big fan of hers and has enjoyed a lot of her movies. Feeling flattered, Aidra thanks her but is starting to feel a little awkward. There seems to be something off about Lena. The next day, Aidra is starving and pleads with her to make her something to eat, but Lena wants something in return; a kiss from her favorite porn star. With no options left, Aidra kisses her, knowing that it's her only play. When Lena returns the next day, Aidra asks her why she never came back to feed her. Lena, who is now wearing lingerie, tells her that they're going to eat soon enough but she's going to have to indulge her first. When Aidra realizes that the only way she's gonna get through this is to fuck her way out of it, she decides to play the game in order to escape.

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Don't Tell My Wife I Buttfucked Her Best Friend #08mp4webm

Ryan is a world famous photographer and Summer has always wanted to take photos with him, but there is one problem, he is her best friend's husband. Summer was always a little apprehensive because she never wanted to reveal too much in front of her BFF's man. When they are done with the photo session, they review the pictures and Summer is blown away by how great they look. She really wanted to thank Ryan for making her feel comfortable.

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Vanessa Decker, Toby - Tasty Feet - 21Naturalsmp4webm

Naughty Vanessa plays with her smooth soft feet when Toby comes in and seduces her. He sucks on Vanessa's toes as he pounds his throbbing hard cock deep into her pussy. Toby can't hold back his love for her feet, so he cums all over her sexy feet.

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