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Anna Bell Peaks, Small Hands - Squirtin' Obsessionmp4webm

Small Hands fell in lust with Anna Bell Peaks this one time she fucked his friend and squirted her girl jizz all over HIS back, because she wasn't quite finished getting off yet. He couldn't take his mind off this, so he wrote her a song, gave her flowers.. It was this whole grand romantic gesture that worked like a charm! They say chivalry is dead, by my count, Anna Bell soaked him in a waterfall of lady juices from orgasming more than a dozen times, which Small Hands lapped up like a thirsty jungle cat. He's a real gentleman, and romance exists!

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Sydnee Vicious, Xander Corvus - Sydnee Vicious - Anime Girlmp4webm

Sydnee Vicious is a real-life anime schoolgirl. Shy, submissive and most of all, horny, this good girl was up to no good at all, masturbating on the couch! She hoped nobody would catch her being a slut in private, but the jig was up when Xander walked in! He believed she wasn't diddling herself quite right, so he'd have to make this naughty girl well-behaved once again, teaching her dripping wet cunt and mouth a real sex lesson with his manmeat. This pigtailed, big tit co-ed never felt anything like these orgasms before.. being bad MUST be good!

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Kimberly Chi, Tommy Pistol - Kimberly Chi Squirtsmp4webm

Petite Asian Kimberly Chi is a sparkly little bubble devil! She loves blowing bubbles, and blowing other things, like Tommy Pistol! This babe is all wet and ready to take a hard pounding. Kimberly loves getting sloppy, deep throating and drooling all over a nice, stiff cock. If you press this petite sex demon's buttons, or her g spot, in just the right way, she'll spray her girl jizz everywhere if you're lucky. You play your cards right and she'll be happily blowing cum bubbles after you blow a load in her pretty mouth!

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- Dahlia Sky All-Access POV - Burning Angelmp4webm

Xander is just not taking his band seriously enough, so his manager Dahlia Sky thought he deserved a real tongue lashing. He needs to cut down on the groupie sex, make it to practice, and be on time.. But her simply saying this wasn't enough to convince him. She'd have to show him she meant serious business, even if it meant letting him fuck her like his dirty slut groupies. She's a manager, they can't fuck like her at all! And they certainly don't let him put it in their asses. Dahlia will not be outdone by a bunch of little backstage skanks!

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Rizzo Ford, Gage Sin - Rizzo Dreams of Anal - Burning Angelmp4webm

Rizzo Ford is bored of the same old lesbian sex - it just wasn't as pleasing the last time. Needing to rub one out, she went to town on her wet clit hoping for an orgasm and just wishing for a skinny tattooed guy with a nice dick to suck and mount.. and something magical happened! The Orgasm Genie granted her wish of a big hard cock to fuck her pretty, petite ass! And just as soon as he came on her face, he disappeared into thin air, forcing her into a very quick explanation of the 'yogurt' left behind to her girlfriend! Be careful what you wish for, you might be giving jizz kisses.

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